martedì, agosto 23, 2011

La BBC lascerà le onde corte nel 2014

Altri tagli per la BBC in onde corte, in vista di quello definitivo. Come segnala Andrea Borgnino sulla lista Radiorama a dicembre sarà chiuso l'impianto di Rampisham. Viene scritto in un articolo che cita come fonte il sindacato inglese dei media.

Inoltre viene annunciata la chiusura di tutte le trasmissioni ad onde corte
della BBC per il 2014.

L'Occidente continua ad abbandonare la radio. Da imperiali a straccioni col Pc

Ecco il testo

*BBC Rampisham shortwave site to close by Christmas*
BECTU members at the Rampisham transmitter site in Dorset run by Babcock
Engineering were shocked to learn yesterday (17 August) of plans to close
the facility by Christmas with the loss of 19 jobs.
Staff across the UK had been expecting bad news after the decision by BBC
World Service in January this year to sharply reduce the number of hours of
shortwave broadcasting and to end it altogether by 2014.
Despite this advance warning, yesterday's announcement still came as a
shock. The company also plans to close three posts at the Woofferton site in
Shropshire with four at Orford Ness in Suffolk also at risk of closure.
An initial meeting between BECTU representatives and management took place
yesterday; the consultation period is due to end on 19 September.
Assistant general secretary Luke Crawley said:
“The loss of 19 jobs at Rampisham and seven elsewhere in the network will
come as a terrible blow to our members. We have already pressed the
management to do everything they can to minimise the impact including
offering redeployment and retraining where appropriate. Transmission members
will note with regret that this announcement will also end seventy years of
shortwave broadcasting from Rampisham.”

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