giovedì, marzo 24, 2011

La guerra di Libia in onde corte

In questi giorni su più liste si è parlato delle attività radio militari in onde corte sul fronte libico. Ecco un riassunto delle frequenze monitorate riportato da DX-Window, il bollettino quindicinale del Danish Short Waves Club International.

New utility observations from Italy:

4196 USB: AWACS traffic by Magic 70, heard in English with French, British and Italian accent.

6688 USB: French tfc c/s Capitol; active till about 1915.

6712 USB: French tfc ( QRM at some moments by USAF Andrews messages)

6877 USB, you can receive messages in Arabic, English and French for the coalition to the people Libyan broadcasts probably come from EC-130J Commando Solo or some base in the Mediterranean. (Koie)

USAF EC-130J STEEL 74 has been transmitting on 6877.0 kHz to Libya this evening. A recorded message in English, French and Arabic on SSB says "Libyan ships or vessels remain anchored. Do not leave port. The Gaddafi regime forces are violating a United Nations resolution ordering the end of hostilities in your country. If you attempt to leave port you will be attacked and destroyed immediately. For your own safety, do not leave port."

The Commando Solo is operated exclusively by the 193rd Special Operations Wing, which is based at the Harrisburg International Airport in Middletown, Pennsylvania. According to the Milcom Monitoring Post.

the transmission is "slightly jammed". Here is a recording of the transmission, with no jamming audible. (Sennitt, Mar 20, via Koie)

The Danish F-16 are based in Sicily on the U.S. Naval Air Station Sigonella which also uses 6730 kHz as Karup Air Base.

For more info about Commando solo see Wikipedia

nella foto: Commando solo in azione

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