martedì, maggio 03, 2011

Libia: la situazione in onde medie

WRTH has uploaded the National Radio update as of May 2

LIBYA - MW situation:

675, 1125 and 1449 kHz are controlled by the Libyan opposition and identify as Radio or Voice of Free Libya, all with different programming.

Benghazi 675 kHz station has also web site at:

1449 kHz is in Misrata, not Al-Assah.

711 kHz is in Al-Assah and transmits irregularly Vo Africa and other programming in parallel with 1251 kHz, which is running on low power.

972 and 1053 kHz are on the air, both carrying own programming. All other MW transmitters are off the air.

(via Glenn Hauser's DXLD mailing list)

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